Our Process – Earth’s Original™ Compost Tea

Reduce your exposure to chemicals for health.

Transitioning to a 100% organic lawn care regimen is a 3 to 5 year investment in renovating your unproductive soil into a viable, healthy natural resource.

We make our Earth’s Original™ Compost Tea in Westchester, Illinois. Commonly referred to as “actively aerated compost tea”, AACT is the process of taking very high quality, locally sourced compost and growing the microbial populations in that material to millions of times greater through the process of brewing with dechlorinated, aerated Lake Michigan water and microbial foods from across the US.

The finished tea provides a liquid soil or foliar inoculant bursting with healthy microbiology that immediately goes to work in replenishing or correcting deficiencies in the current soil food web, as well as offsetting any foliar issues in the garden.

By providing beneficial organisms, your yard can better fight off fungal diseases.  By encouraging deep root growth, your lawn can fight off weeds and increase drought resistance.  Click here for more information on this magic liquid.

Since 2005, Dig Right In has been learning, executing and innovating in the science and technology associated with organic lawn and garden care. In 2018, we take our service to the next level with the Soil ALIVE!™ Booster treatment and customized seasonal compost teas.

In early spring, we provide an application of our Soil ALIVE!™ granular microbial bio-inoculant booster feeding.  It contains billions of beneficial microorganisms (with an emphasis on fungi); organically sourced foods (for the indigenous and introduced soil organisms); and slowly releases over 100 minerals, vitamins, and natural plant hormones and stimulators. This is not a liquid AACT.

In mid-spring, our Earth’s Original™ Compost Tea is customized with additional nitrogen and foods to assist plants and soil biology post-winter.

Our summer Earth’s Original™ Compost Tea is customized with root stimulants and additional humates to encourage deep root growth, which aids in drought resistance.

Our fall Earth’s Original™ Compost Tea is customized to encourage plants to store food and accompanied with an application of minerals.

Brewing and Applying in Action!

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