8/10/22 at 8:30 a.m.   

Rainfall* over the past 7 days:  Just under 1.0 inch.   Over the past 30 days, rainfall has been around 4 inches.

Established lawns:  Do not need watering. August is the typical period for lawns to enter dormancy, which constitutes a prolonged period of dry weather.  A three- to four-week period of dormancy is beneficial to lawns because the stress encourages the grass to grow deeper roots, even though the top of the plant is not growing and turning brown.  Deeper roots improve the plants’ drought resistance and can out compete certain types of weeds.  So consider allowing your lawn to experience this essential dormancy period. 

Recently sodded lawns (within the last 4 weeks):  Follow your watering schedule.  If an area turns brown, hit it with supplemental water that would reach the sod’s current root depth.  Sunny days may require you to water several times per day and at least three times per day for sod installed in the past 7 days. 

Established perennial beds:  Should not need watering, but provide supplemental watering if you see wilting. 

Recently installed perennial beds (within last 12 weeks):  Follow your watering instructions.

Established trees & shrubs: Do not need watering, but monitor for drought/heat stress for plants in the full sun.

Recently installed trees & shrubs (within last 12 weeks):  Follow your watering instructions. 

Established rain gardens: Monitor for wilting and water if you see heat stress.

Recently installed rain gardens (within the last 8 weeks):  Follow your watering instructions. 

*Rain data from NOAA / NWS. All measurements approximate to the digrightin service area (Oak Park [N] to Burr Ridge [S] and Riverside [E] to Downers Grove [W]). Your actual rainfall amount may be different. Watering instructions are provided to customers by digrightin.