Benefits of Core Aeration

You may ask, “How come Dig Right In is doing core aeration now, after I’ve seen all my neighbors’ landscapers get it done already?”  Glad you asked!  It is primarily because we wait for the proper conditions of the lawn and growing season, which can vary from year to year.  The “other guys” are just looking for an early billing opportunity.

In an organic lawn care program, the second most important maintenance job is core aeration (the first is compost tea).  Lawns get compacted from normal use, and aeration loosens the soil providing the following lawn improvements:

      1. Allows more oxygen, water and nutrients to get to the root zone (think about how long can you go without oxygen, water or food).

      2. Gives the grass roots room to grow. Deeper roots are better able to out-compete weeds, and gain improved drought resistance. In fact, dandelions LOVE compacted soils.

Because core aeration is so important:

  1. We have invested in one of the best aerators on the market. However, if we can’t get it through a small back yard gate, we will rent a less effective machine.  In that case, we will make several passes through the lawn.