Core Aeration and Overseeding

Weeds love a compacted soil, so we provide two core aerations per season.

Sometimes we get asked why we are doing core aeration at different times [later] than our competitors.  That is because we time it to the cycle of nature not our billing cycle. We want you to receive the maximum benefits from this important service.

LAWN GO BOOM!  When a tea regimen is accompanied by core aeration and overseeding with leaf mulch, your lawn will be biologically rich, organically lush, green, sustainable, healthy and less weedy.


Over time, as a sustainable soil food web is established, less time and materials are needed to maintain the lawn.  Once you feed the soil to feed your plants you get off the “apply ‘til you die” treadmill associated with chemical fertilizers (Whoa!)

In order to develop an appropriate soil building regimen, we recommend starting with a soil sample to determine what all your soil needs in terms of biology, minerals, and amendments.  Then you’ll know how much you’ll need to invest in renovating your degraded soil asset into a healthy natural resource.

Benefits of Core Aeration
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