Our Earth’s Original™ compost tea feeds your soil to feed your plants. Over-the-counter fertilizers provide plants with only three nutrients: nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Can you survive on just three vitamins?

Our compost tea is bursting with ALL OF THE microbiology that plants have evolved with for millennia thereby providing your lawn and gardens with complete plant nutrition.  

Not only that, compost tea: 

  • Immediately goes to work replenishing or correcting deficiencies in your lawn’s current soil biology creating a lush lawn.
  • Increases populations of beneficial organisms to help fight off fungal diseases.
  • Encourages deep root growth which provides increased drought resistance.
  • Provides nutrition 24/7 as opposed to synthetic fertilizers that only provide nutrition when applied.
  • Is safe for pets and humans and does not pollute the environment so your yard is healthy all year round.

Compost tea does so much good for your lawn and gardens!

One of the most commonly produced greenhouse gases is carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases cause climate change by trapping heat in the atmosphere. 

Compost tea significantly increases the rate of carbon sequestration by increasing soil fungi and bacteria that is critical to a plant’s nutrient uptake and subsequent photosynthesis. 

To learn more about the importance of sequestering carbon, click here to watch a short clip of the carbon cycle and soil carbon sequestration.

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