Our rainy spring has given weeds a head start this year. Coupled with the warm March weather, it’s a perfect combination for an explosion of weeds. Before you run out and buy the RoundUp, ask yourself, “How many weeds can I tolerate?”

If clover, dandelions, and creeping charlie peacefully coexist in your yard, then you can rest easily, knowing that your organic approach to lawn care is just fine!

If you want a pristine, completely weed-free lawn, take note. Or if you’re somewhere in between the two, take note.

Chemical lawn care is instant gratification — apply the chemicals and your lawn is green and weed-free. The trouble with this approach is twofold: research shows fertilizers like RoundUp are known to cause reproductive health problems and cancer. Also, these chemicals kill the food web in the soil — the fungus, bacteria and beneficial organisms that naturally fertilize the soil.

The root of our strategy is reconditioning the soil to prevent weed growth from happening in the first place. We do that with corn gluten applications and a compost tea we brew ourselves. Once the weeds appear, we offer hand weeding services but do NOT use chemical herbicides.

So once the weeds have arrived in your yard, you should decide if you want to hand weed, apply chemicals or hire us to hand weed. But in order to condition your soil and help prevent future weed growth, choose services like corn gluten and compost tea application to keep the weeds away.