Listed below is your “Establishing Watering Schedule”. If you are not sure if you should water, check then When to Water section of our web site.

  • Your new plantings require proper watering to ensure development of a healthy root system.
  • To protect your new investment, deeply water your plants twice per week- especially in hot weather.
  • If possible, avoid using overhead sprinklers and instead use a garden hose or soaker hoses to water your plants at the root zone.
  • Ideally, water in the early morning, for at least 25 minutes. The length of time depends on the type of plant.

Visualize the Root Ball

You need to get water to the lowest part of the root ball and then some to help “grow” the roots downward into the soil. Thus, a tree root ball is about 30″ deep, a shrub root ball is about 24″ deep, and a perennial plant is about 9″ deep.

Watering Tips

  • You don’t have to water the entire garden in one day. Rather, rotate through various beds over a few days.
  • DO NOT count on Mother Nature to provide an adequate watering schedule. Even if it rained recently or has been overcast for several days, it is most likely insufficient water for your new plants. Check our website to be sure.
  • Your plants will tell you they need water if their leaves start to curl or the plant droops.