Better Homes and Gardens has these secrets to starting your vegetable garden off right:

  1. Start with a small space
  2. Grow what you love to eat
  3. Choose a spot for your garden
  4. Plan your vegetable garden layout
  5. Order your Dig Right In Vegetable Bed Premium Soil Booster*

Vegetable Bed Premium Soil Booster

Dig Right In has perfected the most fertile organic soil mix for raising the tastiest, freshest vegetables at home. This proprietary blended mix of Biochar, Soil ALIVE! and sand to turbo boost your vegetable beds’ fertility and active biology.  

Whether you’re topping off an existing bed, or filling your newly built custom beds, we can deliver and install 1) a basic organic fill and 2) a premium soil fertility booster. 

Home grown vegetables are easy, delicious and nutritious. Gardening is healthy, therapeutic, and transcendent. We can help you build, fill, or consult!

If you need mulch, vegetable beds or any of your gardening chores or landscaping dreams to come true, give us a call today and beat the rush.

Our very own Jeff Swano preps veggies grown in our Dig Right In organic vegetable gardens to make a delicious homemade Thai stew. Yum!

Listen to that sizzle! Jeff cooks up the Thai stew made from our 100% organically grown veggies from Dig Right In hand built raised garden beds.