Your Landscaping Team

Jeff Swano
Owner and President

Design & Install Division

Juan Avila
Warehouse Manager / Driver / Chief Logistics Officer / Grill Master – started in 2012 and is responsible for getting all the cats herded for the day and assisting the division manager in the field.  He trains new members in safety, improves systems in the warehouse and keeps us well fed at our monthly BBQ’s.  A former restaurant line cook working crazy hours, he came to Dig Right In to spend more time with his growing family and have a stable career.  His favorite part of the job is “motivating and helping the crew members learn and grow”.

Jenna Rothaupt
Designer – started in 2016 as a design intern from College of DuPage. She earned her Assoc of Arts degree and has a background in fine arts and design. She particularly enjoys custom carpentry design and creative solutions. She may be quiet but her artistic skills are unmatched around here!

Jose Montoya
Senior Crew Leader, Drainage – started in 2009 and can see the water flowing across our clients’ yards and knows exactly how to achieve the solution.  He has over 20 years experience in landscape construction and is one of our best artists in pruning ornamental trees! He can also make any dry creek bed look like it’s been there for years.

Raul Correa
Senior Crew Leader, Hardscape – started in 2008.  He began as a junior member of the maintenance team and is now our model crew leader.  Attention to detail, a solid work ethic and the ability to solve any problem puts him in a class by himself. With dedication to take evening classes after work, he became fully fluent in English in just 2 years.

Manuel Rosas
Senior Technician, Junior Crew Leader – started in 2014 and found himself a place to call home. He always gives his best to the job and is particularly known for being a team player.

Maintenance Division

Beni Rico
Technician – our longest held employee since 2007.  Benigno is as dedicated as they come.  A doting father of 5 children, he is proudly supporting his oldest in college with his long-term commitment to Dig Right In, Organic Lawn care and his team.

Tomas “Manny” Clara
Technician – started in 2017 and is managing the day-to-day maintenance tasks with Beni as Lorenzo works on sales.  He has over 15 years experience in the field.

We hire for attitude before aptitude.  If you know someone who is interested in taking pride in a career that brings beauty and convenience to our clients, healthy living and problem solving to themselves and restoring the Earth – then Dig Right In could be the solution.

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