Custom Fences, Decks, Arbors, and Pergolas

Add privacy to your yard or architectural features to patios, decks and gardens.

DigRightIn Landscaping designers and craftsmen are experts at designing custom fences and decks to fit your home’s architecture and add value to your home. A custom wooden fence or deck will be unique to your home and give your more options than what you will find at a “big box” store. Finishing touches around your patios, decks, and gardens include custom pergolas, arbors, and trellises.

Crafted Wood Features

Benefits of custom fences, decks, and pergolas:.

  • Define your property with a custom fence for architectural design or privacy
  • Custom decks can change your view and add eating, relaxing and entertaining space
  • Add an overhead structure like a custom pergola to really add flair
  • Custom arbors and trellises add garden interest and privacy
  • Recycled material options can provide low or no maintenance requirements

Our workmanship on custom fences, decks, arbors and pergolas is guaranteed for years of enjoyment. View our portfolio for inspiration.

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The fence looks great and we are very happy… Thanks for all you guys have done, and just so you know, not a word out of either neighbor…that is priceless to me.

Oak Park, IL